Flood Barrier

Passive Horizontal rising barriers

Top of underground parking

Commercial setting

Raised for cleaning & inspection

Passive Vertical Rising Barriers

Resting Position

In non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are concealed in the underground basin.


When floodwater rises to within a predetermined level below flood level, the basin housing the floating wall starts to fill up through an inlet pipe from the adjacent service pit.

Fully Deployed

The flood wall floats and rises. When the basin is totally filled, the angled support block will lock the barrier into position making it watertight.

Ancillary products

Glass flood walls

Flood proof Windows

Property Level, Manual

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Enclosures & Flood Gates

Flood Barrier Matrix
Location/Product Type Use cases Temporary Temporary & Demountable Manual Passive,in-situ Automatic Normally Closed
Community Riverside communities Water-filled Tubes Slot-in Barriers, Planks Flood Gates Flood Glass Walls
Coastal Modular metal framed Flood Walls, Concrete
Townships Interlocking, water-filled Levees or Bunds
Roads Fabric Roll-out barriers Vertical Rising
Horizontal Rising
Perimeter Business & Retail Parks Fabric Roll-outbarriers Fabric Roll-out barriers Flood Gates Vertical Rising
Detached properties Modular panel barrier Modular panel barrier Horizontal Rising
Warehouses Water-filled Tubes Slot-in Barriers, Planks
Ports & marinas Modular metal framed
Sports arenas, et al Interlocking, water-filled
Property Level, all types Residential Slot-in Barriers, Logs Vertical Rising Flood Roller Shutter Flood Windows
Commercial & Retail Custom Flood Panels Horizontal Rising Flood Curtain Walling
Hospitality Expanding Flood Barriers Flood Doors
Government, education Care, etc.
Critical Infrastructure Power & water plants Water-filled Tubes Custom Flood Panels Flood Walls, Concrete Flood Roller Shutter Flood Doors
Petrol stations Modular metal framed Watertight Hatches Levees or Bunds Watertight Hatches
Interlocking, water-filled Flood Gates Flood Gates
Fabric Roll-out Barriers Enclosures, concrete
Enclosures, steel
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