Flood Emergency Response Plan

FERPS, BCM & FloodKits


  • Every home should have one prepared for flood & fire hazards

BCM (Business Continuity Management)

  • How to manage your business in a flood scenario
  • Remote working
  • Security of data files and records

FERP (Flood Emergency Response Plan) 

  • A “Janet & John guide” to deploying your flood defences
40% of businesses do not reopen following a disaster (FEMA)
ANOTHER 25% fail within one year (FEMA)
OVER 90% of companies fail within two years of being struck by a disaster (U.S. Small Business Administration)

Flood Emergency Response Plan

  • Floods are 24/7/365
  • Identify people by shift
  • Describe Chain of Command, including emergency upgrades
  • List products by location with laminated instructions & photos at each location
  • Highlights training programme for operatives
  • Trouble shooting guide for barriers & alarm sensors
  • Maintenance Regime
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