Flood Emergency Response Plan

Why buy flood barrier when you can hire them?

  • Choose your FPaaS subscription plan
  • Select your barrier(s) from a centrally held resource
  • Agree your “trigger point”
  • Work with your chosen deployment partner
  • Wrap up, clean, dry and return to storage

FPaaS (Flood Protection-as-a-Service)

The problem/challenge

  • (Severe) flooding is becoming more prevalent Budgets are being squeezed
  • Capital schemes can take up to 6 years with planning, consents & installation
  • Rural communities often fail the cost: benefit ratio
  • There are more schemes required than available money

FPaaS – Time for a Rethink!

The SES in rural Australia is largely volunteers and runs separate to fire & rescue (CFA?)

State budgets are tight

Purchased equipment is not needed everywhere at the same time

Purchased equipment spends most of its life in storage

  • So, why buy – why not hire the products with a deployment service?
  • Lease purchase for equipment – as a shared resource
  • Budget moves from CapEx to OpEx

FPaaS Delivery Model*

*various plans available depending on risk appetite

  • Low recurring fee with high call out $
  • High recuring fee, low $ call out with priority service
  • Et al
  • Survey all locations – walk the flood defence line
  • Decide on suitable products, based on footprint, height, available resource
  • Choose installation partner(s) and train them
  • Install flood sensors or sign up to alerts
  • Decide on trigger point(s)…

Design and Planning

Service level agreement

Fixed term contract

Preparations inc. training

Readiness (stand-by)

Call out

Temporary & Demountables

  • Used where funding for permanent solutions is not secured or justified (cost/benefit ratio)
  • Needs pre-installed footings
  • Can go high & very long (kms)
  • Requires alert to decide to deploy
  • Needs lots of personnel
  • Needs security 24/7

Automatic Flood Barriers

Automatic Flood barriers are triggered by the rising flood waters but require a power supply to operate


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