Flood Recover 3RTM

The Future of flood management

The Flood Resilient Home

Flood Recover 3RTM is a strategy to make homes more resilient to flood (& fire) with solutions, design standards, accredited installation and documentation control that allows property owners to obtain cost effective insurance coverage. Innovative products are available including a range of floodproof kitchens, Dragonboard (rather than plasterboard), sewer non-return valves, tanking and pumping solutions

Ancillary products

Features & Benefits

  • Flood Proof Kitchens that look good.
  • Carcasses are made from durable, waterproof materials
  • Carcass only option with low cost sacrificial doors & drawer fronts
  • Doors and drawers of your choice
  • Many uses in retail, hospitality and commercial sectors
  • Simply wash down, disinfect and leave to dry in a matter of hours

Passive Horizontal rising barriers

Top of underground parking

Commercial setting

Top of underground parking

Passive Vertical Rising Barriers

Resting Position

In non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are concealed in the underground basin.


When floodwater rises to within a predetermined level below flood level, the basin housing the floating wall starts to fill up through an inlet pipe from the adjacent service pit.

Fully Deployed

The flood wall floats and rises. When the basin is totally filled, the angled support block will lock the barrier into position making it watertight.

Floodproof kitchen – before & after photos

Property Level, Manual

Enclosures & Flood Gates

Piecemeal Approach

I alluded to this earlier in the “understanding principals” section Flood Resilient Repair can be expensive When working to tight budgets focus on the core infrastructure of the property and prioritise

  1. Kitchen – the heart of the home
  2. Bathroom
  3. Sleeping accommodation, if on ground floor
  4. Living space

Piecemeal – but with an overall plan

  • If installing flood barriers, ensure they tie-in to internal wall protection solutions – don’t leave any gaps
  • BEFORE installing floodproof kitchen carcasses ensure the wall behind them is not going to need replacing in the next flood – M02 boards – NOT Gypsum board
  • Manage the boundaries between rooms for an easy pick-up on phase 2, 3, etc.
  • Plan locations of sump pumps
  • they may not be in the room you are renovating

The 3Rs Strategy towards insurable flood resilient repair


  • Integrated design between protection and resilient solutions
  • Detailed designs for construction & installation
  • Solutions designed for building construction types
  • Solutions designed to address chosen resilient category


  • Accredited installation partners ONLY for liability offer
  • Installation can be by single or multiple specialists!
  • Installation stages photographed and documented for veracity
  • Sign-off documentation and training for final completion
  • Recording of installation in central database


  • Flood product surveyor training course
  • Waterproofing installation accreditation to BS8102
  • Flood protection products to BS 51188 accreditation
  • Resilient protection products and installation to BS 8102
  • Annual (re)assessments on insurance renewal


  • Insurance backed guarantees?
  • Insurable solutions and lower excesses
  • Degrees of insurance based on solutions installed

Floodproof kitchen fully restored within hours of flooding subsiding

Kitchen after flood and with new flood proof kitchen

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