Multi Hazard Early Warning Systems(MHEWS)

MHEWS - A System For All Phases Of A Crisis




Social media interaction for alerting and gathering (more) information

Truly multi-hazard Manages cascading events


  1. Ignition point plotting
  2. Spread forecast depending on
    • Wind direction
    • Wind speed
    • Wind intensity


  1. Sensor data
  2. Flood modelling inputs
  3. Satellite data & Met office date

MHEWS - A System For All Phases Of A Crisis

Burned Area
Fire Danger early warning
Fire Danger Index
Rate of spread
Fire Weather Index
Build Up Index
Duff Moisture Code
Drought Code
Fine Fuel Moisture Code
Initial Spread Index
Accumulated rainfall forecasts
Observed daily rainfall accumulation
Radar-based rainfall accumulation forecasts
Radar-based rainfall accumulation probability
Average daily temperature
Flash flood hazard forecasts
Flash flood impact forecast
Landslide and debris flow hazard forecast
River flood impact forecasts
Probabilistic river flood hazard forecasts
Simulated snow accumulation
Simulated soil moisture

MHEWS for Insurers Helps reduce fraudulent claims

Tag your assets

Overlay your flood map or flood model

Phone your customers to pre-warn them to act

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