Wet & Dry Flood Proofing Solutions for properties & communities

Looking for new products to add to your portfolio or thinking of entering the flood mitigation market?


Flood Protection-as-a-Service. Why buy when you can hire? You'll need a trigger point, a deployment team, warehouse and logistic services for this innovative solution to flood management, at scale

Perimeter Barriers - Temporary

Rapid deployment flood barriers to protect detached properties and communities. So much better than sandbags

Perimeter Barriers - Temporary & Demountable

A. 2 & 3 are the component parts of FPaaS along with pumps and generators

Passive Barriers in-situ

Activated by the incoming flood water so you are guaranteed the barriers will deploy and save your property

Automatic Barriers in-situ

Customised panel barriers to protect your most valuable assets. Ideal for difficult critical infrastructure sites

Property Level Barriers

Ideal for seaside/riverside communities and properties. Preserving the view and your home/business

Flood Glass Walls & Windows

Flood Windows are passive systems that are always ready to protect from rising flood water and debris impact.

Smart Vent

Ideal for Queenslander homes. Lets the waters pass safely through the property

Compressive strength
0 + MPa
Flexural strength
0 + MPa
0 + years

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

CorTuf™ is the nomenclature given to a family of ultra-high-performance concretes developed at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Centre. It is an advanced fibre-reinforced cementitious material with greater strength, tensile ductility, and durability properties when compared to conventional or even high-performance concrete. CorTuf™ exhibits elastic-plastic or strain-hardening characteristics under uniaxial tension and has a very low permeability due to its dense and discontinuous pore structure.

CorTuf™ is a tailored UHPC and was designed to work with local raw materials. The CorTuf™ premixed compounds, the core ingredient of the UHPC, is only 25 percent of the final product’s volume. And sourcing all other constituents locally eliminates the need to ship large volumes around the world.

Together with Portland cement, the active components of a CorTuf™ Compound create a reactive binder that, when combined with fine aggregates and high-range water reducers, hydrates into a densely-packed matrix.

The main characteristic of CorTuf™ are achieved through homogeneity encasement by eliminating coarse aggregates in the matrix, density encasement by optimising the packing density, and ductility enhancement by the introduction of fibres. The result of combining these concepts is an extremely compact material, in which pores are not communicated, so the lifespan of a structure made of CorTuf™ is significantly extended. The corrosion resistance even in the cracked state increases significantly even when exposed to an aggressive environment due to the low permeability and discontinues fibre reinforcement.

Fibre reinforcement solves the problem of brittleness in CorTuf™ and drastically improves tensile strength in impact resistance. Alongside the low water-binder ration optimised particle packing, fibres are an essential part of ultra-high-performance concrete. There are up to 60 million fibres in just 1 cubic metre of CorTuf™. And for special requirements, this number can go even further. Other types of fibres such as synthetic, mineral or even recycled steel can also be used to reinforce CorTuf™. They can be combined with conventional reinforcement and prestressing when needed.

CorTuf 150 has many applications and will appeal to architects, bridge builders, flood mitigation engineers, coastal and riverine developers, and many, many more.

It’s strength and durability enables bridges to be built with longer spans, piles to be created with 150 year lifespans and architects to build much larger open spaces.

Our consulting-based company specializes in providing high-quality and reliable services to clients looking to bring their construction projects to life.

Licensing opportunities available for the fabrication, sales and usage of CorTuf 150 across Australia & New Zealand.

Bridge Deck Overlays

Deck deterioration is caused by a combination of vehicle loading, freeze–thaw degradation, cracking, delamination of cover concrete, and/or corrosion of internal reinforcement. As an overlay material, UHPC provides structural strengthening and protection from ingress of contaminants. New UHPC overlays can be incorporated into new bridge designs or added to existing, older bridges. It adheres to roughened concrete surfaces and bonds well, requiring minimal preparation.

Connecting Prefabricated Bridge Elements (PBE)

Prefabricated elements have added significant benefits to bridge construction, thanks to design and logistical efficiencies, but they still need to be properly assembled. The long-term performance of these spans will be greatly affected by the quality of the connections. Construction speed is also important to consider. UHPC has become a popular method for field-casted connections of PBE, because it enhances the integrity of connections while reducing complexity and shortening project schedules.

Precast Structural Members

UHPC is being successfully used in precast applications. Precast concrete construction involves easier logistical planning, controlled production settings, and standardized design and installation. These factors result in efficient projects that can be performed at scale. UHPC improves the strength and durability of precast members and offers more design opportunities.

Bonding is Easy with Cor-Tuf UHPC

Prevention and repair are achieved by UHPC bond behaviour. The science behind it involves complex microstructure interactions and chemical layering, but installing UHPC is not complicated. We’ve tailored our products to work with traditional concrete techniques so that no fancy laboratory is needed to get real benefits to the jobsite. Our mix and fibers blend with local materials and still achieve the flowability and bonding capability needed for outstanding results. Form-fitting, workable, and strong for a century. Achieve long-lasting quality with your sand, your cement, and our CorTuf Concentrate.

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